Joëlle Swanet

"A Belgian and French based ceramic artist who produces fluid and gravity defying ceramic pieces. Her extraordinary work takes ceramics far past its comfort zone. Her work has to be seen to be believed", John Hopper in Inspirational (digital review) nr33.

Since 2019 : Member of the prestigious International Academy of Ceramics (based in Geneva)

Since 2008 : Professor Ceramics Technology at ENSAV La Cambre (Brussels) 

In 2006 : 3d prize Andenne Biennale in Belgium + Prize of the Public

Since 2002 : teacher at La Magie du Tour Association :

- throwing on a potter’s wheel 

- ceramics technology  (including alternative firing methods)

- and « slow throwing » for non-beginners : I refer to « slow throwing » my approach inspired by both taichi and slow wheels, like the Korean “kick wheel”. The aim is to open the possibilities to unlock creativity in functional work and - for some of the participants - create art pieces. 

My own pieces are "sculpted on a wheel" : look here 


I'm living between Belgium and the Provence (South of France) and I'm teaching in both places. I'm also invited to participate at residences, festivals or symposiums in different places (see the list below) and I share these experiences with my students.


In 1993 I discovered the world of ceramics and changed my orientation (I have a University degree in Applied Economics as well as a teaching certification - U.C.L, 1985).

1993-1996 : Académie des Beaux-Arts de Wavre 

1999-2005 : Academie voor Beeldende Kunst de Leuven + many specialized trainings + firing different types of woodkilns in Japan, Belgium, Holland, S. Korea and France.


Since 2002 collective exhibitions in Belgium, China, Japan, Germany, France, S. Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Tunisia. Some of them are : 2020 solo exhibition in Moustiers-Ste-Marie + "Trésors céramiques" in Liège (Belgium) + exhibitions in S. Korea and Tunisia 2019 Palais Khareiddine in Tunis and Galerie Jeelen in Nabeul- Tunisia, 2019 Silpakorn University in Phetchaburi-Thailand, 2018 Galerie Vision in Tourtour-France, 2017 Terra Rossa Museum in Salernes-France, 2016 Galerie Alliages in Lille-France, 2015 Peace Gallery in Nami Island-S. Korea,...


Interview about my work in Inspirational nr33: click here.


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Movie "Joëlle Swanet, fille de la terre" by A. Desreveaux (made in 2010).

Lecturer and/or teacher in Belgium, France and recently in South Korea (in English and Korean language) :

art schools in Arlon, Marche-en-Famenne, Huy, Hoogstraten, Turnhout, Saint-Gilles, Ixelles, several culture centers, museums, Associations, collaborations with students in Art history and Archeology (UCL – Catholic University Leuven, Belgium) or in Ceramics (Keimyeong University in Daegu, South Korea)

+ organizing events related to ceramics for the benefit of diverse associations

Publications : 

"Quand l'argile devient céramique" in Les Arts céramiques, le savoir-faire du 21e siècle, ed. EuroTwoHands, n°2, 2004.

"A Yixing, le façonnage manuel d'une théière", in Catalogue de l'exposition Europalia Chine : le thé, histoire d'un art de vivre, Musée Royal de Mariemont, 2009.  

A paraître en 2019 dans le magazine Neue Keramiek : "le Ye's Park à Icheon, un paradis pour les amoureux des fours à bois".


Festivals, residences, symposiums, ... :

2004 : China, member of the belgian delegation for the Porcelain Millenium in Jingdezhen

2006 : Japan, International Workshop for Ceramic Art in Tokoname

2008 : Japan, residency in Goshogawara (

2013 : South Korea, Nami International Ceramic Festival + building an art designed paper kiln during the International Gyeonggi biennale in Gwangju

2014 : Malaysia, Selsius-Usm International Ceramic Festival in Penang 

2015 : South Korea, Nami International Ceramic Festival + International Ceramix festival in Jeju Island (building a kiln made of lava stones)

2016 : Nami International Ceramic Festival

2017 : South Korea, Ceramix festival in Jeju 

2018 : South Korea, Ceramix festival in Jeju

Feb. 2019 : Thailand, Phetchaburi International raku Sculpture Symposium, Silpakorn University 

April-May 2019 : South Korea, Icheon International Festival 

June 2019 : Tunisia, 3d euro-mediterranean ceramics biennale in Nabeul

May-June 2020 : South Korea, Harmony festival in Goesan 


Since 2017 : I guide small groups in South Korea to discover the Korean ceramics since I’m learning the language.